2021 Memorials

Book Memorial

In Memory of Linda Yellets donated by KME Fire Apparatus

In Memory of Nancy Lawson donated by:

Myron & Sandy Frantz

Lisa & Dennis Confer

Lance & Colleen Frantz

Joe & Marla Lawson

In Memory of: Arthur Main Barbara Melchoir Doris Oertner

Sylvia Kulp Michael Murphy Fred Michalac

Jean Tonkin Bill Barker William Thomas

Gladys Zehner Miriam Kester Michael Sedar

donated by Shafer’s Pharmacy

In Memory/Honor of Tamaqua Class of 1952 donated by Tamaqua Class of 1952

In Memory of Bernie Kabana donated by Andrew & Irene Hudock

In Memory of Gwen Evans donated by Susan & Tom Bonner

In Memory of: George Neumann Sharon Schlosser Florence Farber

Tom Banditelli Francis Hill Jean Hartz

Jean Snyder June Faust Gladys Weaver

Katheryn Delano Michael Farber Steve Sterzen

donated by Shafer’s Pharmacy

In Memory of Rose Vallee donated by Hometown Fire Company Ladies Auxiliary

In Memory of Jane Dunn donated by Rose & Phil Houm

In Memory of Everett Demopulos donated by Lucas Brennan

In Memory of Al Skelson donated by Joanne Peters & Family

Rose Memorial

In Memory of Bob Rita donated by Coach Dave “Whitey” & Cindy Williams

In Memory of Bob Blue donated by Dave “Whitey” & Cindy Williams

Monetary Memorial

In Memory of Nancy Lawson donated by:

Frederick & Theresa Cinicola

John & Karley Lawson

In Memory of Doris Shroding donated by Karen Bitting & Judy Shroding

In Memory of Michael Seladones donated by Albert & Edith Hoffman

In Memory of Lee Kershner donated by Linda Lee Kershner

In Memory of Mike Hromyak Sr. donated by THS Class of 1967

In Memory of Barbara Barron Melchoir donated by THS Class of 1967

In Memory of Oscar & Catherine Zerbe donated by Susan & Eric Zerbe

In Memory of James & Marilyn McHenry donated by Susan & Eric Zerbe

Susan Block Memorial

From my daughter to yours for Lucy Hirsh

In Memory of beloved husband for Laura Robinsons Family

In Memory of beloved mother and wonderful friend for Brian & Allison Bowe

In Memory of beloved daughter Kristi for Dr. & Mrs. John Mancini


Thank you to Boyer’s Food Markets for their continued support through the “Caring & Sharing” Program

Bonnie Wilson

Danny & Carol Reigel

Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church

Margaret Bray

Amy & Jason Green

Mike & Betty Lou Meyers

Allison Dombrowski

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