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Residents of the Tamaqua Area School District are entitled to free membership at the Tamaqua Public Library. Non-resident rates for membership are $10 per year per family. Pennsylvania residents from outside the county, with a library card obtained from their home library (having a blue Access PA sticker), may apply for a complimentary Tamaqua Public Library card.

Application must be made in person with a valid driver’s license or form of government-issued photo ID, which contains the current address.

All new members of the library are subjected to a six-month temporary status. During temporary status, adults are limited to borrowing two (2) items at a time and children (aged 17 and under) are allowed one (1) item at a time. Children under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian assume responsibility for their compliance to all library rules and policies. At the end of the six-months, temporary status will be converted to full membership status if: patron has taken out required number of books (adult 12, child 5), all materials were returned on time (no fines), no materials were lost or damaged, and all other policies were followed. If the terms of the probationary period are not successfully met, then another six-month probationary period will be instituted when all outstanding materials are returned (or paid for) and all fines are paid.

When the probationary period is successfully completed, patrons have the following borrowing limits:

            Adults – 10 items on their account at any given time

           Children – 5 items on their account at any given time

Children are never permitted to borrow audio/visual materials, unless the items are specifically cataloged as either Juvenile or Young Adult. Full library privileges and responsibilities are extended to children when they turn 18.

You must have your library card with you in order to check out books. If you lose your card, a replacement card may be purchased at a cost of $5.00.

Circulation Periods
Most of the library’s books and books-on-tape may be checked out for a three-week loan period, with the exception of new fiction books, which have a 7-day loan period. Videos have a 7-day loan period.

You may renew books for one additional three-week period by calling the library prior to the due date. Videos and 7-day loans may not be renewed.

Overdue fines are $0.50 per day per item, with the exception of 7-day loans and audio/visual materials. The fine for overdue 7-day loans is $1.00 per day per item and the fine on late A/V items is $2.00 per day per item.

Circulation Limits
New Patrons  are limited to a two book checkout for adults and a one book checkout for patrons under the age of 18 during a probationary period of 6 months.

Patrons are limited to a ten book checkout for adults and a five book checkout for children. You must be 18 or older and have an audio/visual (A/V) registration form on file in order to check out movies or audio books.

Book/Video Returns
When the library is open, please return books to the circulation desk and pay any fines at that time. If the library is closed, you may return books in the book drop located by the front door. Audio/visual (A/V) materials may not be returned in the book drop. A $2.00 fine will be charged for each A/V item returned in the book drop.

Computer Usage
The library has public computers which may be used by library members to access the internet. Use of chat rooms and instant messaging is prohibited.

Patrons under the age of eighteen must have an Internet permission slip on file. The permission slip is signed by a parent or legal guardian in the presence of a library staff member.

Computer use is limited to 30 minutes when there is a waiting list. If there is not waiting list, the time limit is 60 minutes per day.

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